With Hi5s, Email Administration becomes easier. Our service will set up and configure your host name and address allocation. In addition we’ll get you started towards managing your company Email accounts–add, remove or modify accounts on the server, manage identities, passwords and handle other features such as mail forwarding and SPAM blocking.

Feel confident that once Email Administration has been set up, we won’t abandon you! Hi5s offers Email administrative support either on location or remotely when you need us. We’re just a phone call away!


Hi5s also offers an all-inclusive Systems Management program. We have extensive experience in filesystem management, user administration, directory services, database administration and we specialize in security and network monitoring. We will consult with you regarding the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN), which is designed to access services such as Windows file sharing. Our staff can also install and/or organize a network between locations, install networking equipment (wiring), Local Area Networks (LAN) and wireless networking. In addition, we will install and configure security for your network, manage antivirus and anti-spam programs and a network-based (or unit-based) firewall to protect your private data.