Today’s “E-Commerce” encompasses a wide range of business activities and processes, from e-banking to manufacturing. It has become more and more important for a business to have a “web presence” (regardless of whether you conduct online sales or not) in order to be considered successful.

The terms “E-Commerce” and “E-Business” are commonly used interchangeably, when in actuality, they have different meanings. E-Commerce consists of the marketing and distribution and servicing of products/services over the Internet and other computer networks. Electronic business (or E-Business) enables companies to link their internal and external data-processing systems to work closely with suppliers, partners and affiliates, and to serve the needs of their customers.

An effective E-Commerce site requires a well-constructed E-Business system… accurate product &/or service information, appealing and properly formatted graphics and user-friendly features. Developing an effective E-Business system &/or E-Commerce web site should be considered an important part of a company’s marketing strategy. Hi5s offers professional E-Business and E-Commerce solutions–well-organized E-Business systems and quality E-Commerce websites that showcase your company, products or services and create a quality web presence. We also offer business-to-business solutions that allow you to network with other industry systems and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in time and man-hours.